5G Wireless Technology and the Cell Tower Transmitters it requires every 2-12 homes is a Federal Impingement on local property OWNER’S rights, violating our right to Privacy and violating our right to Protect our Family and Loved Ones from the Proven Harmful Effects from Wireless Radiation.

We Have a Safe Alternative to 5G Wireless Transmitters with Fiber Optic Run All the Way to the Home like they are doing in Chattanooga, Tennessee and other cities.

Fiber offers speeds up to 10,000 times faster than wireless, far superior cyber security; of course no harmful wireless microwave/millimeter wave radiation. Optical Fiber will protect your personal data as routers will be located inside your home under your control rather than 5G transmitters in front of your home controlled by wireless companies.

Senators and Congressional representatives need to steer the wireless industry to the Superior and far Safer Solution-Fiber Optic to the home.

Thousands of Doctors and Scientists Demand A Moratorium on 5G to
Protect the Health and Well Being of Every Citizen


We Need to Warn and Minimize our Exposure to wireless radiation NOT Maximize Our Exposure as we are with the roll out of 5G,
Self Driving Cars and the Internet of Things requiring a cell tower transmitter placed in front of every 2-12 homes.

For video on Wireless Radiation Sickness or Microwave Sickness (EHS) Click Here

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180 Scientists Appeal-Moratorium 5G Roll Out 1-11