Cell Phones Can Cause Glioblastoma Brain Tumors-Time To Warn & Prevent

A Recent Study From England Shows More Than A Doubling of Glioblastomas In The Areas Of The Brain That Receive The Most Cell Phone Radiation. The Italian Supreme Court Has Already Ruled That Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Brain Tumors. In the US, Brain Tumors have been the #1 Cancer for Children 15-19yrs.

The World Leading Researcher In Brain Cancer and Cell Phone Radiation Professor Emeritus and Oncologist Lennart Hardell MD PhD Can Prove that Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Brain Tumors and He Insists People Must Be Warned and Protected. Lennart Hardell, MD PhD and Leading Cancer Epidemiologist Anthony Miller MD, FRCP, FRCP (C), FFPH Have Argued That We Now Have Enough Proven Scientific Evidence to Classify Wireless Radiation as a Class 1 Human Carcinogen. They along with 207 Medical Doctors and Scientists Expert in Wireless Radiation Health Effects Insist We Reduce Our Overall Exposure to Wireless RF Radiation by Stopping The Roll Out of 5G Wireless Technology Which Will Very Significantly Increase Our Exposure To Wireless RF Radiation By Forcing A Cell Tower Transmitter Every 2-10 homes (www.5GAppeal.eu).

More recently, more than 134,000 people from 198 countries including thousands of Medical Doctors, Scientists, Engineers and Building Biologists have signed an appeal to stop the roll out of 5G on earth and in space due to known, proven biological effects from radiation (5GSpaceAppeal.org).

Unfortunately, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the amount of brain tumors in the 3 areas of the brain which receive the most cell phone radiation: Temporal Lobe, Cerebellum, and Frontal Lobe. The recent $25 million US National Toxicology Program Study showed DNA Damage and some evidence of an increase in brain tumors from whole body cell phone radiation exposure non-thermally below current FCC safety guidelines in animals tested.

Long time advisor to World Health Organization, Anthony Miller MD, FRCP, FRCP(C), FFPH, explains “Cell phone radiation can clearly cause brain tumors. With the epidemiological studies of humans and the recent findings of the US National Toxicology Program study and Ramazzini Institute Study, we have enough evidence to classify wireless Radiofrequency radiation as a Class 1 Human Carcinogen like cigarette smoke and Asbestos. Therefore, we really need to warn our citizens and reduce overall exposure, especially for children who absorb twice the amount of cell phone radiation. I am joined by my colleagues in demanding a moratorium on the roll out of new 5G wireless technology which will very significantly increase everyone’s exposure to this radiation until adequate safety testing is done and exposure safety standards are established.”