Please CALL and EMAIL all the Senate Commerce Committee Offices & Ask Them To
Stop S.1699

STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act.

Be sure to contact Senator Thune and Senator Schatz who co-author the bill.

Dial *67 before the number when you call so they do not focus on where you are from.

First S.1699 greatly shortens the amount of time local governments have to consider placement of 5G cell transmitters so short that most municipalities will not meet the deadline especially when there are multiple applications from providers which we expect there to be. Once the shortened time period has elapsed, the cell transmitter is Deemed Automatically Approved.

Second, this bill will streamline the process meaning it will make it illegal to consider Environmental, Health or Safety when placing the cell transmitters.

Third and and most wickedly, if you get sick or injured by one of these transmitters, you cannot seek legal remedy instead you must go back to the industry dominated FCC which exposed you in the first place. To quote the bill:

“(iv) ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS OF RADIO FREQUENCY EMISSIONS.—No State or local government or instrumentality thereof may regulate the placement, construction, or modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions to the extent that the facilities comply with the Commission’s regulations concerning such emissions.


“(II) ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW.—Any person adversely affected by an act or failure to act by a State or local government or any instrumentality thereof that is inconsistent with clause (iv) may petition the Commission for relief.

See links below to find all the things you need to give your input:

Click HERE for link 1 (PDF)– A cheat sheet with all of the names of the committee members and their staff email addresses you would need to email, along with phone numbers if you wish to call.  This document also includes all of the committees and subcommittees each Senator is a member of.

Click HERE for link 2 (PDF)– Information to access a Congressional Directory and instructions on how to use it that will provide any additional information about any Congress members that people may want.

Click HERE for link 3 (PDF)– A list of comprehensive biographies for the Senators IF people want this information including other committee/ subcommittee assignments and caucus memberships.

Click HERE for link 4– A link to S.1699 the bill itself


Please contact as many Senators and Senate offices as possible.  You can also contact leaders of the US House of Representatives because eventually the bill will go through the house as well.  Ask to speak to the most senior staff member who overseas Commerce Committee work.

Thank You  –  Kevin Mottus.
If you have any questions, you can contact Brenda at

This is a team effort-we need everyone to contact these offices.