Oppose CA State AB 537 (Bill Quirk – Hayward) & SB 556 (Bill Dodd – Napa)

Both Bills Allow Cell Tower Transmitters To Be Forced Into Your Communities.

If Your Cities Take Too Long Considering Applications, Transmitters will be DEEMED APPROVED and Allow For CONSTRUCTION IMMEDIATELY!

Wireless Is NOT GREEN. It Wastes Energy as RF Energy is Sprayed in all Directions and Very Very Little Is Actually Used for Connections. https://www.cablinginstall.com/cable/fiber/article/16465844/how-fiber-can-help-make-your-network-greener
AB 537 and SB 556 Will Proliferate Cell Tower Transmitters Adding To Urban Blight and Electrosmog Pollution. 
Kicking Cities When Their Revenues Are Down Due Covid – With Limited Cost Reimbursements, AB537 Amounts to a Corporate Subsidy for a Wireless Industry that Does Not Need A Subsidy.
5G Millimeter Wireless DOES NOT WORK And Companies Have Returned to Use of Lower Frequencies which DO NOT NEED SMALL CELL TRANSMITTERS
Fiber All The Way To The Premise Offers Far Superior Speeds, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Eliminates Harmful Bioactive Wireless Emissions in Your Communities.  
Listen to Tom Wheeler, Former FCC Chairman and Champion of 5G Speaking about the Benefits and Need for Fiber to the Premises over Wireless Small Cells:
AB 537 (Quirk) & SB 556 (Dodd) Ignore That The World Health Organization Has Declared All Wireless Emissions NOT SAFE – Class 2B Carcinogen. These Bills Will Create A New Public Health Crisis In An Effort To Deal With An Abating Public Health Crisis
AB 537 & SB 556 Are Affronts To Local Control – Wireless Industry Has Proven They Do Not Care About Exposing Vulnerable Children, Elderly, and Those Medically Impaired When Placing Cell Transmitters Near Parks, Schools, Senior Centers, Nursing Homes, and Hospitals. Cell Tower Cancerous & Neurological Effects Studies
Are Assemblymember Quirk and Senator Dodd Protecting Your Community OR AT&T, Verizon and Other Telecoms that support them? CSUEB Educational Foundation Receives $500,000 from AT&T
Protect Your Communities! Oppose AB537 & SB 556
Thank You For Your Service To Your Communities!
CA Brain Tumor Association (calibta.org)