Websites With More Information:

WWW.SAFEREMR.COM Managed by Joel Moskowitz, PhD Director of Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley. Follows research on wireless radiation health effects from around the world.

WWW.BIOINITIATIVE.ORG Co-Editors David Carpenter MD Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment, University of Albany, School of Public Health & Cindy Sage MA, Environmental Sciences Consultant and researcher Sage Associates. Looks at 3600 studies showing wireless RF radiation effect on various systems of the body.

WWW.MICROWAVENEWS.COM Editor Louis Slesin PhD. Examines closely how wireless RF radiation’s health effects have been minimized and avoided by wireless industry, media and government for the past 20 years.

WWW.SCIENTISTS4WIREDTECH.COM  &  WWW.MYSTREETMYCHOICE.COM Focuses on how to stop 5G transmitters in front of your homes.

WWW.WHATIS5G.INFO focuses on key negative impacts associated with 5G roll out: Health, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Environment, Energy Brains and Humanity, E-waste, Conflict Minerals, Ethics.

WWW.EHTRUST.ORG founded by Devra Davis PhD has a wide variety of information related to wireless radiation health effects.

WWW.PARENTSFORSAFETECHNOLOGY.ORG focuses on ways parents can protect their children from unnecessary wireless RF radiation exposure.

WWW.C4ST.ORG organization founded by Frank Clegg, Former President of Microsoft Canada. Works hard to bring about legislative change in Canada to reduce wireless radiation exposure for innocent citizens.