Testimonials Microwave Sickness

Michelle – Cleveland, OH

My name is Michelle XXXXXXXX. I live at XXXXXXXXXXXX, Cleveland, OH XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. My bachelor’s degree is in business Administration and I have worked as a teacher, college administrator and event manager. I am the mother of three children, all of whom are college graduates.

Until March 2, 2018 I was well and enjoying my life. Volunteering at Playhouse Square weekly and preparing for my organic garden at E. C. Grows where I am a garden leader. At that time I was living at 12730 Shaker Boulevard in apartment 1408 located on the top floor of the building. For several weeks I heard people walking above my ceiling doing work. Sometimes until 10 pm at night. On March 19, 2018 men were very loud all evening and at 1:45 I got out of bed, walked up the stairs to the roof and asked them to be quiet so I could get some sleep. They told me they could work on the roof from midnight until 6 am. I realized this was disturbing the peace so I left a message with the building manager and called the police. While talking to the police I decided not to have them come to my building. The noise continued until about 3 am in the morning. Several days later, March 21st I felt nausea and wondered why I was feeling this way. The following morning, March 22nd I woke up and was so dizzy I could not get out of bed for a while. Within 24 hours of the completion of the 5G cell tower above my head I was sick. My symptoms included headaches, loss of balance, slurring of words, brain fog, dizziness and nausea. March 24, 20018 was the last time I stayed at my apartment. I only went there to pack and prepare to move. After staying out of the apartment most of the time I began to have less dizziness, loss of balance and brain fog.

After finding out what was installed my daughter called the Commscope company and they told her that SBJAH4 is an antenna that is 5G. I slept at family and friends home from that day until Monday April 30th when I moved out of Jaelot Apartments.

I purchased a EMF device called Smart Sensor and radiation in my apartment was as high as 95.4 mg. 1.0 mG (miligauss) is safe. Please stop these devices now. It may be legal to install 5G cell towers but it is WRONG.

This Microwave sickness has caused me much suffering and drastically changed my life. I constantly check the radiation I am exposed to and had to move to a safer location, quiet unexpectedly, to save my life from the symptoms I have, dizziness, brain fog, and insomnia, loss of balance, headaches and nausea. And at some point the possibility of brain tumors and cancer. I am hopeful by living in a house that has lower radiation I will continue to return to the healthy person I was before this happened to me.

Margaret – Weston, MA

June 25, 2018 My name is Margaret XXXXXXXXX. I am a master’s level psychotherapist and I also hold a Master’s degree in Public Health from Boston University.

Over the past three years I have become sensitized to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by wireless devices. My first symptom was a nagging pain behind my right ear which lasted for several months, and which conventional medicine was not able to successfully diagnose or resolve. One day I wondered whether the pain might be related to the Bluetooth headset I was using- which I always hooked over my right ear. I tried switching the headset to the left ear- and felt the same pain on that side within a few minutes. After repeating this experiment a few times over a few days, I stopped using the Bluetooth headset altogether. Soon after this, the pain on the right side (which had become chronic) resolved “all on it’s own.” Not long after that, I began experiencing pain and buzzing in my hands when I was holding a cellphone, or using my computer keyboard. Now I use my cell only for emergencies (on speaker phone), and I have a pair of shielded gloves that allow me to work on the computer.

I also get symptoms from wireless signal- even when I am not touching a device. The last time I had to spend some cumulative time (over an hour, with breaks) in an Apple store getting my computer fixed, I began having trouble thinking clearly after about 20 minutes; after I got home, I was so dysfunctional that I couldn’t leave the house for 2 days afterwards. I was also experiencing insomnia and cognitive blurriness at home which improved dramatically when we turned off the wireless internet and switched to a wired connection. Shielding my bedroom improved my sleep even more, and also had a positive effect on my daytime energy levels and mood.

As part of sorting this all out, I bought a meter that measures radiofrequency (RF) in the ranges commonly used by wireless devices including cell phones and routers. I discovered that I sleep well enough at RF levels under 0.02 volts/meter. (I sleep better under 0.01, but that is hard to achieve). At levels above 0.02, I don’t sleep well at all, I get headaches, I get irritable, and I have a lot of trouble thinking clearly. In my bedroom, I have been able to achieve RF levels under 0.02 v/m by shielding my windows with fabric and sleeping under a sheet made of shielding material.

I bring all this up as an indicator of the impact that a higher level of local cell signal (such as would be introduced by neighborhood 5G infrastructure) will have on my life, my ability to function, and possibly my ability to stay in my home. Verizon recently proposed installing a “small cell antenna” (of the kind that will be widely distributed for 5G signal) near my house. As part of my attempt to investigate the impact this might have, I brought my meter to a location where they had an antenna already up and running. Compared to the ambient signal in my neighborhood (from local towers and neighbors’ wifi), this antenna gave off a much stronger signal at comparable distances. (I’m sorry I don’t still have that measurement, but it was enough to really scare me.)

The antenna I tested was a 4G antenna; 5G is a higher frequency and will require an even stronger signal. I’ve already done what screening I can- I don’t know what else I would be able to do to reduce RF signal coming into my bedroom when I sleep. And then there is the rest of the house, and the yard- where exposure would be higher, but I where would not be able to screen. Given the ubiquitous presence required by the technology for a 5G infrastructure, I’m not sure there would be anyplace else I could go to be free of these symptoms, if these mandates are passed.
Thank you.


Kristen – Indiana


July 14, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Dr. Kristen XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX I am 35 years old; I do not take any prescription pharmaceuticals.

For many years I have been described as the “canary (in the coal mine)” as I am more aware of/more affected by things in my environment than most other people. I had never noticed a direct issue with technology until November of 2015 as I began to work in a new clinic. As a functional healthcare provider, I am very familiar with causes of chronic sickness like stress, nutritional deficiencies and some environmental factors; however, I was totally unprepared for how significantly I was affected by the electromagnetic environment at this clinic. The more time I spent there, the more fatigued and unproductive I became. I began having dry mouth, facial tics, extreme brain fog/concentration problems and issues with both visual acuity and keeping visual focus. My short-term memory was also extremely impaired compared to my normal. Two months after I began working there, I was admitted to the hospital with heart palpitations, dehydration (even though I drank a healthful amount of spring water daily) with electrolyte imbalances. It was terrifying being told my ECG was abnormal and ‘without explanation.’

As a practitioner, I look for the underlying cause of dis-ease; so WHY was I sick? What had changed recently? My surroundings. One obvious issue was that there were 16 full-signal WIFI networks transmitting. That prompted me to borrow a few EMF meters. The meters read extremely high (by Swedish proposed health standards) in all areas of the clinic for all frequencies tested. The building was an EMF nightmare. There were 8 digital electric meters (known to produce relatively excessive amounts of dirty electricity that travels along the building’s wiring). There was a transformer hub ~30 feet from the building with lines running both lengths of the clinic that supplied the entire hospital. The clinic was located less than a mile from a TV transmitter, 5 blocks from 3 cell towers, etc.- within 4 miles there were 350 antennas! It was my dream to practice at an integrative clinic, but obviously I couldn’t stay there. Within the year I had to start my own practice at new location across town. Even though that was/still is a huge stress to have left my colleagues, I am so grateful that I knew enough to be able to figure out the cause of my health problems and had the resources to leave.

My heart aches for those afflicted by EMF who have not connected the dots or who might not have the ability to change their environment. I see these people in practice every day- chronically sick with “unexplained” electrolyte imbalances, “unexplained” abnormal ECG results, “inexplicable” sugar control problems, “uncontrollable” insomnia, ‘intractable’ migraines and the lists go on… EMFs may not be the sole cause of all these issues- but EMFs are A cause of some and a contributing or complicating factor for others. These issues are only going to skyrocket as more towers and technology like 5G pop up in people’s yards without so much as informed consent. For those of us who know that we are affected by EMFs, to have meters and towers literally placed on our property without consent is egregious and deplorable!

Research into our CACNA1C genes that code for voltage gated calcium ion channels points out a subset of people that are more susceptible to health issues caused by electromagnetic frequencies due to their genetics. I personally have homozygous mutations in both my CACNA1C rs2159100 and rs1006737. These genetic variants make me more susceptible to harm from EMFs. Functional MRIs also can show EMF sensitivity abnormalities. The information in white papers spelling out these dangers is out there; it baffles me as to how our governing bodies are looking the other way. I pray every day that our country rises to the level of EMF hypersensitivity awareness that is enjoyed in Sweden and Austria so that I, and other citizens suffering from EMF associated symptoms can find the help and protection we deserve.

Yours in health,

Corine – CA

My name is Connie XXXXXXXX, and I’m a middle-aged woman (48 years old) from XXXXXX, California.

Until recently, I worked as an editor, for the state government and earlier, for McGraw-Hill Higher

Education. I have a PhD in French Literature from UC Berkeley and worked as a college professor of French for many years. For the past two and half years, I have also been a daily caregiver (along with my mom) for my elderly father, who has serious health problems.

Microwave sickness (aka, electromagnetic hypersensitivity [EHS]) hit me like a hammer blow in early June 2017, a year ago.  It was a no-brainer to make the connection between my symptoms and their cause: when I had my (brand new) iPhone on, the pain in my head would immediately commence. When I kept the phone on airplane mode or powered it off, the pain went away or didn’t arise.  I had had glimpses of the same pain for several years, but only when using our cordless phone. At the time, I attributed the pain to a poor quality phone and avoided using it. In April 2017, I began to feel that pain anytime I used my iPhone at my ear; when my jack broke, it became hard to avoid using it at my head in certain circumstances. (I discovered that if I removed my earring in the ear near the phone, the pain wouldn’t be quite as bad.) Then the perfect storm hit me over a one-week period:  I experienced extreme emotional and physical stress, associated with being a caregiver, along with a high increase in radiofrequency (RF) radiation (activation of my new iPhone and Comcast doubling our Internet speed).  Soon, just having my iPhone connected and reading my email triggered the pain. Soon thereafter, I could no longer be anywhere near my phone in the house unless it was on airplane mode or powered off. Before long, I could even feel the smartphones of our next door neighbors and their workers (who were building a porch about 20 feet from where I worked in my living room), even when the phones were just connected, and not in active use.

During the first couple of weeks, the burning pain and pressure in my head were preceded by a very unpleasant, dizzying sensation accompanied by a very faint, oddly metallic smell. Since we live in an area with poor reception, the cell phone signals here are particularly strong.  I couldn’t work when they were working on the porch. But when I went to the nearby regional park that has almost no cell phone reception and thus no RF, my symptoms would quickly subside and I’d feel fine (as long as I avoided people there too, since the signals are even stronger there).

A small and very accurate RF meter (Acousticom 2) that I carry with me everywhere I go invariably reveals an extremely high level of RF (1.0 v/m to 6.0 v/m or higher) in any place where I feel the strongest symptoms. And the places where it measures low RF levels, I feel fine, unless the electric fields (EFs) or magnetic fields (MFs) are at an unhealthy level (I have meters to measure those too now). I have no doubt about the correlation between my symptoms and exposure to high RF (as well as high EFs and high MFs).

Exposure to high EMF levels (of which high RF is the most prevalent and the most lethal for me) now triggers a range of possible symptoms in me.  The most common one (and generally the first one to appear) is painful “buzzy” pressure in my head (temples, cheekbones, or sides of head near my ears, especially on the right side). It feels as if my head were in a slowly tightening vise. This occurs when I’m near a connected smartphone, a cordless phone base, or in high ambient RF (such as WiFi), as well as high MFs (which are quite rare, except in our house). Depending on the phone or the strength of the WiFi, it can take from 1 to 20 minutes for the symptoms to set in strongly.  If I’m just a few feet away from someone who is talking on a smartphone, I immediately experience terrible burning pain in and around my right ear, and that pain will linger with me till the end of the day unless I’m able to go to my shielded bed canopy or to the local park (mentioned above) for a half an hour to recover. Sometimes, it feels as if my eardrum is expanding and will burst. At other times, it’s like an earache, a searing pain in my ear that starts as a small pinprick sensation and soon grows intense and broader.  Needless to say, I don’t have a smartphone anymore!

Along with the pain in my head, I invariably develop brainfog:  poor short term memory, slow mental cognition, and difficulty speaking. In addition, I often become very irritable and short-tempered with both family and strangers (not at all my normal temperament).  Deep fatigue is another frequent symptom: I find myself yawning deeply, after I’ve entered a zone high in RF, even if my energy level had been fine up to then. Prolonged high exposure often causes increasing tenderness in the area under my ear, down into my neck. Finally, when exposed to high RF and/or high DE, I sometimes feel a constriction in my chest (especially when I used to work on my iMac). Recently, I have begun to experience some new symptoms too (though still rarely):  tinnitus and light-headness/vertigo. In short, high EMFs and especially high RF exposure cause a whole-body/mind effect on me.

Microwave sickness has completely turned my life upside down.  About two weeks after it started to develop, I had to stop going into the office altogether, and work entirely from home. (I also had to stop attending the church I’ve gone to for decades and find a new pool to swim in, because both were located  across the street from multiple cell phone antennas: the Yahoo support group for people with EHS is very aptly named “EMF Refugee.”)

In February of this year, I began to develop increasing sensitivity to another form of electricity, “dirty electricity” (aka electromagnet interference [EMI]), emitted by almost all computers and modems emit at high levels, as well as any energy-saving technology (LEDs, dimmers, solar panels, etc.) produces. Even after eliminating most internal sources of DE,  our house is filled with a high level of it coming in from the neighborhood electrical grid. In March 2017,  I had to stop working from home and take a leave of absence from work. In June 2017, I had eliminated our WiFi router and hardwired my computer to the internet, but I became intolerant of the high level of DE riding the wires in our house (it was a cold winter, unfortunately, so we used the heater a lot).

At the same time as I have seen a huge income loss since developing EHS (my SDI payments are much lower then my usual pay), I have had to spend many thousands of dollars to deal with my condition.  I have done my best to make my home a semi-tolerable place to live and to find effective treatment: a bed canopy, shielding film on the windows, all sorts of new equipment to ameliorate my computer setup, consultations from three EMF consultants and with the one doctor, an MD, in this area who treats people with microwave sickness.

EHS is very aptly referred to as technological leprosy.  Already, many places and events are off limits because the RF is too high for me: movie theaters, concert halls,  most churches, stores that provide WiFi to their customers (such as REI and Whole Foods), most restaurants and cafes, and post offices. I will probably never go to San Francisco again, nor will I fly, take a train, or travel on any form of public transportation. Uber and Lyft are also off limits to me (for obvious reasons, drivers can’t power off their phones).  A 5G rollout will further restrict my already limited radius of movement and alienate me from others.

I can only visit a couple of my friends in their homes, since if those who  live in apartments or condos can’t temporarily lower the RF level enough for me (their neighbors’ WiFi keeps the RF level too high). Other friends live too close to cell phone antennas and towers for me to visit them.  I have to meet most of my friends in a couple of regional and city parks where the RF is still low enough.  With a massive 5G rollout, the few remaining oases I have would most likely disappear. Even if by some miracle they remained tolerable, I likely wouldn’t be able to get to them without sustaining extremely high RF levels en route. I would become essentially a prisoner in my home, possibly even a prisoner in my bed canopy, the only place in the house where I am completely shielded from RF (and Efs too).

I had to change my primary care physician and find someone who was open to my condition and whose office had a bearable level of RF (by a minor miracle, I found someone who met both conditions). I have learned of a number of medical practitioners whom I cannot go to for treatment because the WiFi in their office is too strong or they are located too close to cell phone antennas or towers.  When I go to the dentist (or anywhere, for that matter), I am at the mercy of other patients around me who generally all want to keep their phone connected (and use it) while they are getting seen or waiting for their appointment. Some people are willing to accommodate me, but it is never a pleasant thing to ask someone to inconvenience themselves for me, a stranger.  And in most places (a crowded doctor’s waiting room, or a bus, or a subway platform or car) it’s not feasible to ask everyone to power off their phones. Instead, I just leave, or I stay and get badly zapped. Every stranger (and friend too, actually) whom I encounter in public is a threat, a source of pain:  “Do I dare to ask this person to power off their wireless devices for me and risk disbelief or ridicule?”

Carrying out my duties as a caregiver for my 92-year old father has become extremely difficult.  When my dad had to go the ER recently, for the first time, I was not able to be an effective health advocate for him. My mom (who is practically deaf), was the only person who could go to the front desk and complain or ask for information. I wore a protective head hood in my dad’s ER room, but it only shields me so much and makes everyone think I’m crazy. Plus, I can no longer accompany my dad into the consultation rooms of most of his doctors.  (There is no one who can take my place as his health care advocate.)

The world is already a dangerous and painful enough place for me to negotiate, without increasing the RF by a quantum leap, as 5G will do. I dare not imagine the full ramifications of 5G. The world would be a truly terrifying place for me. Indeed, I don’t think it’s apocalyptic to predict that I probably would not survive for long.

Kensington, CA XXXXXX

Susan – Texas

I am now 64 years old and electrically sensitive with vertigo. My 11 year old son had developed migraine headaches from living near the cellphone tower here. The smart meter makes me feel horrible and itch and tingle and I now have really bad tinnitus. My close friend just died with nine tumors in his brain. He had been in the Navy and was very knowledgeable about radiation and its effects. He moved to a rural area with no towers, but it was too late for him.

I cannot ride the bus here, within 5 minutes I am sick and within 20 minutes I am vomiting and incapacitated due to the WiFi. This does not happen in a car.

There is a cell tower a few blocks from here. My son developed migraines within a few months of moving here. He never had one before and only infrequently gets them now that he is away from here, but he will sometimes get one here when he visits me.

We cannot get landline phones here in Kyle TX anymore. I use a flip phone so that I can remove the battery when I am not using it. I can feel it when I forget to remove the battery. Itchy and tingly. I am 20 miles from Austin, which I have read is being “honored” with the first test runs of 5G very soon. I am horrified at the prospect of this. My sons friends cousin just died in her 20s from an extremely rare form of brain cancer. She was a gifted veterinary student.

You know how there are cancer sniffing dogs? My own dogs and every dog I meet goes straight for my left breast and sniffs it repeatedly. There is no history of breast cancer in my family. I am vegetarian and sometimes vegan so I hope my immune system can take care of it.

When I was in online college classes, I could not finish the semester in finals week because I became horribly ill and bedridden for over a week. I stayed in the bed and wet the bed and vomited over the side. My kids all came from their own homes to mine to see me. I think they thought I was dying. I gripped the bed as I tried not to fly into space from the vertigo, the most horrible sickness I have ever known. As the symptoms lessened I was able to see an eye ear nose and throat specialist who told me I got ill from the computer. I was using a WiFi hotspot at the time. I have since switched to cabled internet and although I am still sensitive to the radiation from the screen and the stray electricity, I know when to walk away from the computer when I get any sign of dizziness.

I have pulled into restaurant parking lots and felt the WiFi there and refused to go in as my eyes began to water.

I got dizzy at the Walmart checkout counter a few days ago from their WiFi.

I get dizzy and sick when I am outside in front of my smart meter. That baffled me when I first moved here. I thought I might be getting sick from some type of gas there as I planted my garden. I now know the source of the sickness. Microwaves. I measured them with my Electro Smog meter.

When it is rainy or humid I can feel pinpricks on my skin from the wires over the side of my driveway.

I have bought an electro smog meter from Israel that was featured at www.electricsense.com and found out all the worst places in my home. Unfortunately my bedroom is on the side with the cellphone tower and the smart meter and my neighbors Satellite Dish and the readings are higher on that side, even higher outside. .Sometimes the tinnitus is DEAFENING as well as the itching from the stray electricity and microwaves.

I will have to wear a radiation suit 24/7 if 5G is used. If I have to live through a bout of vertigo like the first one, I would prefer to die than live like that. There is a medication that can stop it, but it is so powerful that all I can do is sleep the day after I take it.

I know lot about nutrition and health, but these EMFs are so unnatural that I am not sure that it’s enough to prevent cancer from growing.

My life will virtually be over if this new technology is rolled out and I am so scared for the health of my first grandchild who is on the way, as well as my grown children as well as the lives of all the animals and plants on Earth. Please do not let 5G happen. Life is more important than money to be made on a technology that is sure to devastate the planet.


Rosemarie – Utah

State: Utah
Name: Rosemarie XXXXXXXX
Occupation: My name is Rosemarie XXXXXXX. My occupation is Paralegal.

Wireless Health Effects:
Wireless technology affects my health causing head pain, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, concentrate difficulty, chest pains, rapid heartbeat, tinnitus, and asthma.

Wireless technology has affected my life:
Wireless technology has affected my life because I can’t travel, I can’t stay in hotels, I can’t go to restaurants, concerts, movies, airports, etc. I can’t go to a hospital, a doctor, dentist, or library. I can no longer participate in meetings or, community service activities. I cannot enjoy my property because I have to stay inside. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars to shield my home and remediate EMF. Social activities are also very difficult. I must shop for food but I need a day trying to recover after a short shopping trip. I have to take medications and supplements that are not covered by insurance.

Concerns for 5G: My concerns about the future are survival, the cost of health care and losing my ability to take care of my home and spouse. I am afraid I will not be able to continue working.


Harrison – New Paltz, NY

Name: Harrison XXXXXXXX
Occupation: High School Teacher
New Paltz, NY

How wireless technology affects your health:
Head pain, memory loss, rapid heartbeat whenever I am exposed to anything over 50 mil/watts per meter squared, for a duration longer than 15 minutes. A typical lap top emits over 1000. A wireless router can emit much more. So a room full of lap tops is overwhelming to me.

How wireless technology has affected your life:
I have been a solid and effective English teacher for 20 years. My school has been installing wireless routers, more and more, each year. It has gotten to the point where I am working in a smaller and smaller area. First I had a wing that was without a Wi-Fi Signal by pleading for it. This lasted only two years. Then they installed a router in my wing and I had to remain in my classroom. Next, the administration installed routers in each room to strengthen the signal. I was given permission to unplug the one router in my room, but the signal strength from all sides is causing head pain and brain fog. Four days a year we are asked to participate in a wireless professional development workshops. When I asked if I could do the exercises from the safety of my office, I was written up, and my medical files were requested to investigate the authenticity of my claims. I may have to leave my job. They have only been able to accommodate me partially and my health is still being compromised. I had to leave my home in the village where the Wi-Fi networks were too numerous. I can’t travel comfortably. I never know if the signal will be too strong in a hotel, on a bus or on a plane. When visiting a doctor, the new wireless laptop carts make my heart race and give me head pain. My life has gotten smaller and smaller as result of wireless proliferation.

Your concerns about the future, including 5G:
I am fearful of 5G and the proliferation of a new and stronger field that may drive me further from work, recreation and living situations.



Shari – Florida

State: Florida
Name: Shari XXXXXX

President of the Conservation Alliance of St. Lucie County, Writer, former College Instructor, Market Research Analyst, and Social Worker

Wireless Health Effects:
I was determined to be disabled by the Social Security Administration in 1998. I have been under the care of a nationally distinguished immunologist since 1991. While teaching in a sick building in the 1990s I developed multiple chemical sensitivity and electromagnetic sensitivity. The interactions of these variables means that after exposures to chemicals like pesticides or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) I develop a system-wide painful inflammatory cascade, which renders me unable to walk or digest food. For me to survive I must live in a home free of chemical and VOC outgassing. That is extraordinarily difficult. In a two-year period I moved 20 times looking for a home I could tolerate.

In 2004 I finally located a “safer” home – free of chemical outgassing and problematic electromagnetic fields. Slowly, slowly I began to recover. Then in 2012 , I experienced strange, new symptoms when microwave radio frequency radiation-transmitting ( MWRFR) “smart” electric (and later water) meters were deployed in my neighborhood. Though I never permitted the smart electric meter to be placed on my home or the water meter in my front yard, I was still at the effect of the transmissions of neighbors units. My healing was halted.

Wireless technology has affected my life: With prolonged exposure to MWRFR the autoimmune and immune problems became much worse again, along with an unrelenting fatigue.

New symptoms I experience from MWRFR transmissions: Tremors, tinnitus, nausea, headaches, severe short-term memory loss, cognitive disorientation and disturbance, insomnia, dehydration.

My life was already substantially hampered by intolerance to chemical exposure, but now with the ubiquitous presence of MWRFR it has become more difficult. Though neither me nor my nearest neighbor ( at my request) have smart electric meters on our homes I am now at the effect of neighbors WiFi and neighborhood “hot spots.” I developed tremors for three days after visiting my mother in the hospital, on a floor near their MWRFR units, for example.

Concerns for 5G:
With the deployment of 5G I am in great fear for my life. I am physically and financially unable to relocate, and finding a “safe” home for me was virtually impossible before the ubiquitous spread of MWRFR technology. My doctors, family, and friends are here. The precious-to-me volunteer work I manage to do will be taken from me. I cannot live on my own after 24/7 exposures as I become too ill to care for myself. Deployment of 5 G on my street means I no longer have a safe home. Deployment of 5 G everywhere else will severely limit my mobility, and isolate me from any kind of worthwhile life.

Shari XXXXXX Port St. Lucie, Florida

Sandra – Monterey, Massachusettes

May 30, 2018

Dear Sirs/Madams:

I am a retired business owner of 25 years. Because of the negative impact of pulsed microwave signals on our power grids, including Wi-Fi; my precious golden years are spent doing activism work against smart meter technology and wireless microwave devices.

I came to know about electromagnetic radiation when National Grid came to our home in September of 2006 and put a smart meter on our home without our consent or knowledge. We consider a smart meter to be any device that has the capability of Transmitting and receiving Radio waves. The Power line carrier communication was turned on, as well, which facilitates the backbone of the smart grid. We immediately were impacted by constant, ongoing tones in our home 24 hours a day, nonstop. To this day, 9 years later, we continue to be assaulted and tortured by “illegal pure tones” as per the MA Regulations 310CMR 7.10: Noise. We have not gotten a decent night’s sleep in nine years! We live with a fan to somewhat mask the “illegal” pure tones. Every night the tones interrupt our sleep, waking repeatedly though out the night. This is with the fan. Without the fan it is impossible to tolerate. Our bodies are constantly defending against this assault.

We sought assistance from the utility company but, National Grid refused to be accountable. We went up the ladder from the State regulatory agencies in Springfield to the top of every agency in Boston who regulates the utilities, environment and health and safety. We contacted our local rep and Senator Downing, Senator Downing did his part by sending us a personal letter stating he had no authority to do anything and a link to www.nonoise.org.

With little to no assistance from the State in resolving the issue; we were forced to take matters into our own hands, seeking our own evidence. The evidence revealed it was not isolated to our property, but in fact, is a problem throughout the State, as a result of the Smart Grid technology used by the utilities. We have forensic evidence from four different areas of science, which all prove dirty electricity and noise pollution radiating on the power grid. We presented the evidence to the State agencies during the period of 2008-2011. The experts recommended RF/microwave testing be included in an investigation which the State named the multi-agency (PUC, DPH, DEP) initiative. We presented Power Quality evidence from experts, revealing several serious issues, which National Grid is responsible for and covered up during their investigations into the issue. Audio evidence was presented in an affidavit from a certified forensic engineer. The State never interviewed the experts nor considered implementing, into the testing protocol, their recommendations. The State closed the case after over 4 years of weekly contact, on our part, to resolve the issue and despite the State finding evidence of pure tones in our air. This is a public health hazard being ignored and covered up by our State!!!

Our lives are a living, daily hell because of the constant pure tone noise in our home. We hear from others, who have moved because of this noise, only to find they did not escape it. We have presented this evidence at the State hearing in June of 2013 and it all there as part of public record. So if you want to research this evidence this is where you will find it. We will be re submitting our evidence to the AGO office, we should not have to be paying out of our pockets for a lawyer because this is not one family’s cause to take on. This is impacting everyone’s biology, whether aware of it or not.

In 2012, when the state closed the case; we finally had the smart meter removed and following several demand letters. From that day on all the symptoms related to the meter disappeared and have not returned; that being; nose bleeds, migraines, vertigo, dizziness, nausea, muscles cramps, nervous agitation and heart palpitations. Unfortunately, and as we expected, the noise did not stop because it is radiating on the power lines. The noise can be heard outside as well and as our forensic evidence proved repeatedly, it is also present during a major power outage and present in other locations other than our own property.

I support MA Senate Bill 1222. An Act creating a special commission to study the health impacts of electromagnetic fields and MA House Bill 2868. An Act relative to utilities, smart meters, and ratepayers’ rights because my family, friends and I have and are experiencing, first hand, the negative impact this technology is capable of wreaking on its citizens and it is the only right thing to do. I am retired and never in my wildest dreams could have imagined that what I worked, all my life, so hard for, would be stolen overnight, by a flick of a switch when they turned on the smart grid in our area. The quality of our lives has to mean more than consumerism. It angers me to no end that this is how I have spent my retirement for the past nine years. We are being ignored at every turn, being trumped by greed and bad judgment, while profiting on the suffering of the citizens of Massachusetts.

We have acquired more evidence, since the State closed our case. It further substantiates what we already have proven. This comes in the form FFT analysis. The results, again, point to the power grid, as the source of the Noise, radiation and dirty electricity. We would be happy to send the FFT data to anyone who inquires by emailing schianfoni@verizon.net for this was collected after the 2013 testimony and evidence submitted for the hearing on bill 2868.

In closing, what needs to be investigated is the way the smart grid can use technology that will not injure or kill adults, children, animals, wild life and plant life. it is wreaking havoc on our environment. We are bio-electric creatures who are not immune to the negative effects. The published evidence of the impracticality and volatility of BPL and PLC on power lines is overwhelming. The published evidence of wireless devices, mobile cell base stations, Wi-Fi and its impact on humans and animals cannot be ignored. The number one concern should be about health. What else is there that should be the number one priority, but health?

Respectfully submitted,

Monterey, Massachusetts

Leah – Georgia

Buford, Georgia

After college, I had a variety of jobs and ended up with Merrill Lynch as a registered (with a broker’s license) sales assistant. But my real passion was my part-time work as a dog trainer. I had been working evenings and weekends for almost 20 years, so I decided to follow my dream and I became a full time business owner of one of the top training schools in the Atlanta area. I ran that business for ten years.

My passion, and my talent, lied in helping people and dogs. I taught classes, but I also worked with serious behavior problems: from fear to aggression. Keeping dogs in their homes was my focus and my success. I was THE go to person for behavior; over 60 veterinarians, other trainers and even one local rescue group, referred clients to me both for classes and private sessions.

My microwave sickness began when Smart Meters rolled into my neighborhood. I was able to opt out, so I really didn’t think anything of it. But then I developed a very severe case of vertigo that lasted for weeks. Falling down was the norm for me. I had to walk with a cane, I couldn’t drive, and I spent a good deal of time flat on my back. Backtracking, it appears to have happened around the time the smart meters in my neighborhood went live.
The next thing to go wrong was my heart. Arrhythmia and Bradycardia that would shoot my pulse down to 35-40 with all the underlying symptoms (weakness and feeling like I was going to pass out).

A trip to the cardiologist, along with multiple tests showed very little to concern the doctor and I was told that if it continued, I would probably need a pacemaker.

But i had begun logging the incidents and I noticed something: they happened at almost the same time each time – 1:25 pm and only if I was sitting at my desk in my house. I also would wake up at night and when it happened, it happened at 3:25 am.
I got out my HF-35C meter that measures RF Radiation. Sure enough, for a few brief moments every day at 1:25 pm myHF-35c meter would go off. The neighbors’ smart meters were going through my house when they sent their signals back to the EMC. Fortunately for me, the Smart Meters they are using only transmit briefly for about 4 times a day.

I mapped out every potential path through my home. One went right through my chest when I was sitting at my desk. The other went through my chest while I was in bed.

I put up shielding to block the path and saw immediate improvement. The problem has almost completely disappeared. The only time I go into arrhythmia now is if I have been out running errands and gotten multiple exposures or if I’m standing up (above the shielding) when the meters in the neighborhood stan transmitting.

But all is not well. When I’m around cell phones for too long, I have a severe pounding in my head both in the front and the back of the skull. Occasionally, I will also feel “prickly” over my arms and legs. And if I am exposed for a long time to a high level, I also lose my ability to control my body temperature and develop intense chills. At its worst for me, I develop deep tissue pain in my extremities. If that happens, I can pretty much count on being in bed for 24-48 hours.

Insomnia is also a pretty regular thing now on the evenings after I have been exposed. Sure, I can take something for it, like melatonin or other sleep aids, but they come with their own side effects and a feeling of sluggishness in the morning.

Thanksgiving of this past year, I was determined to have a normal day. I went to dinner and a movie with friends…and spent the next two days writhing in bed from the intense muscle pain and “prickly” feeling all over my skin. The dinner was in a crowded restaurant (lots of cell phones) and the movie theatre had WiFi. I felt the headache start as I walked into the theatre, but I’d paid my ticket, and I really really wanted to have a normal day with friends, so I toughed it out. But the exposures were just too much to bear, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

My experience with microwave sickness is relatively mild by comparison to some. I can control my current home environment, so even when I got sick from the night out, I had a safe place to come – home – to recuperate and heal. But if 5G comes in – if 5G cell towers are placed near our outside my home, I will not longer be able to recover from the microwave exposure. There will be no way to block it, and my home will not be safe for me.

I could, conceivably, live in a constant state of arrhythmia, as well as a constant state of pain, and it could, conceivably, be my death sentence. A pacemaker won’t be an option at that point as it uses WIFi technology. And it won’t help with the deep tissues pain, the headaches, or the insomnia.
I cannot afford to move. I don’t want to move. I shouldn}t have to even be thinking about moving. This has been my home for over 30 years. And where could I go? With 5G EVERYWHERE – where could I go even if I could move? The few remaining places in the country have waiting lists, and well, with 5G permeating through everything – going everywhere they won’t be safe for long either.

The thought is overwhelming. I love the life I have. I have the right to the life I have. I have the right to a safe home. I don’t want to lose it simply because the telecom industry wants to push forward a technology that has such dire consequences for so many people.

Dina – Maryland

State: Maryland
Name: Dina XXXXXX

I am a highly qualified Civil Designer with experience in preparing residential and commercial engineering projects, such as sight plans, landscape, highways, tunnels, geotechnical, pipelines, flood control projects, and water and sewage control systems using Autocadd.

Wireless Health Effects:
efore August 28, 2016, I was a very healthy active woman.

On August 28, 2016 I moved into a sub-division with townhouses where each home had a “smart meter” for electricity, natural gas and I believe water. At the time I moved into this home I did not know what a smart meter was.

Five day after moving in, I started feeling a horrible metallic taste in my mouth then my nose started bleeding and I was vomiting, my heart was pounding so fast, it felt like it was coming out of my chest, my whole body felt poisoned. I had stomach pain, ovary pain; my vision changed for the worse; I had constant ringing in my ears, dizziness, vertigo, depression, brain fog, migraines; I could not concentrate anymore; I had memory loss; it felt like my organs were being crushed. I went from being a very healthy woman to a very sick one.

Alarmed at how sick I was suddenly feeling I asked a doctor friend, what could cause this horrible feeling. He asked me if there was a smart meter in the house. He walked me through what they were sent me pictures of them and sure enough every house had them. He told me to get out of that place immediately because the EMF radiation these meters emit is unbelievable, and could make me very sick.

Wireless technology has affected my life:
In panic I left that house and had to stay in a tent at a state park. I do not have family in the area and quitting my job is not an option, so I lived in this tent for 14 days meanwhile desperately looking for a place to live, with no smart meters. I’ve had to move 4 times since I became electromagnetic sensitive. I was finally able to find an older apartment building that does not have them. I am not able to socialize for fear of people’s cell phones.

To make things short, this saga has ruined my life financially, physically and emotionally. I feel sick all the time; my body is not the same as it was about a month ago. Unfortunately, I work in front of a computer 40 hours a week, and I cannot quit my job. I am the sole provider for my sick mother and me.

About a month ago a new cell tower was placed less than a 1/4-mile from my work. I am about to loose my job due to this new cell tower. I know the exact time, they are testing the tower, which I think is around 2:30 pm, and I have to leave my work immediately. I have lost thousands of dollars because of this disease and the list goes on. This town is set on turning on 5G any time now.

Concerns about the future:
What future? I have no future, the only future I think of is to move to a very remote area and maybe find some sort of peace. I think the WIRELESS INDUSTRY will cause the end of humanity, if nothing gets done to stop it.


Christine – Oklahoma

June 11, 2018

I am an electrosensitive person who has been affected by the explosion in wireless technology. I was a librarian for 17 years, but now libraries are too full of technology for me to continue in my profession.

My first indication that something was wrong, not with me, but with my environment, was the constant kidney pain I lived with in the mid-2000’s. I bought a Belly Armor radiation shield and started wearing it, not over my stomach, but over my kidneys, and had relief from the pain within 15 minutes. By wearing it regularly and protecting my kidneys, they were able to heal, and I had some relief.

Then, sometime around late 2009, smart meters were rolled out in my neighborhood, and I went from regular insomnia to constant insomnia (unable to sleep without medication). My chronic insomnia began in 1994, like someone had “turned on a switch” and I was suddenly unable to fall asleep. Looking back, that was probably when the first cell tower came online near our suburban neighborhood. Since then, I only felt sleepy when away from cell towers. Now, of course, you can’t get away from them. Smart meters brought a little cell station into everyone’s home, ensuring that we were constantly bombarded with radio frequencies.

Some of the things I brought on myself. For instance, when compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) came out, I was all on board with switching my whole house to CFLs in order to save money and save the planet. But I quickly developed migraines. Still to this day, I can’t be in a hotel with CFLs due to the immense headaches they cause me. We also had a cordless phone system in our house. I had no trouble with it until after the smart meters were rolled out, then I started developing heart palpitations. I finally traced it to the cordless base station, and after putting a radiation shield over the base station, my heart “Jumps” went away. My husband’s new car came with Bluetooth cell phone integration, and I have found that when his car is parked in the garage with the Bluetooth on, it also causes me heart palpitations. I recently had a Smart Heart Screening at my doctor’s office, and it came back perfect. Again, the problem is not with me, but with technology around me.

I have also struggled with full-body inflammation caused by the anti-theft system on our cars. I still experience kidney pain when around iPhones, iPads, and some strong WiFi routers. I get dizzy and faint in big box stores with lots of fluorescent lights, whenever I can’t see out to natural daylight. Recently, I have had aching in my adrenal glands unless I wear the Belly Armor shield over them. I believe it to be caused by an increase in output power of cell towers around our house. Although we moved out to the country five years ago, there is now more building going on in this area.

I shudder to think what 5G will do to me. I don’t believe there is any way I can shield myself from it. I am already constantly miserable and barely able to function in this technologically mad society. Do you know what it is like to live in terror of the future and what technological torture it holds for me? There is a time when we must say STOP! and this is it. The future health of every human and animal is at stake. Don’t do it for me. Do it for our children and grandchildren.


Margaret – Oklahoma

My name is Margaret XXXXXX XXXXXX
Tulsa, OK

My degree is in bacteriology and public health.
I have always been involved in ministries, eg. (writing patriotic music for the Armed Forces since Desert Storm, serving twice as a delegate to the Republican National Convention, president of Eagle Forum in Eastern Oklahoma, also involved in two projects at the Reagan White House, one being coordinator of a national HIV/AIDS Conference, in addition to being the recipient of The George Washington Honor Medal From The Freedom Foundation At Valley Forge, and the Green Beret Foundation Special Forces Medal for my original youtube music video, I Stand By My Country, plus my music to support literacy, was used for a Department of Education celebration at the Center for the Book in The Library of Congress, and numerous literacy events.

In Oct. 2010 Oklahoma Natural Gas installed two gas smart meters on the other side of the bedroom wall. Exactly one year later I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, and had major surgery and reconstruction on the center of my forehead. Being told to return every six months to Sylvester Cancer Treatment Center they would always find a new basil or squamous cell cancers on my face or head. In 2013 I discovered the two smart meters.

I had a friend with a German Analyzer radiation detector. He read my gas meters emitting every 15 seconds 225,000 microwatts each of non-thermal RF microwave radiation.
In 2014 I filed an action against OK Natural Gas at the OK Corporation Commission. When I went before the administrative law judge he overruled the ONG attorney 3 times when I ask to submit my science evidence. I submitted the 1972 U.S. Navy Research document, titled 1972 Naval Medical Research Institute, which at the conclusion of the report, list 5 pages of devastating biological conditions caused from exposure to non-thermal RF microwave radiation including cancer and death.

I also submitted my expert witness, Captain Jerry Flynn’s Bio, (a Captain in the Royal Canadian Navy, over 250 men for 26 years in the field of electronic warfare, stating that all wireless devices emit a lethal, cumulative form of deadly radiation, even the smallest amount is not safe) plus his power point presentation. My case was put on hold for three years, denying me due process. I believe it was because Public Service of OK was rolling out their smart meters and did not want the bad publicity. My case was finally reopened in 2017, and currently my attorney withdrew without prejudice so we can take this into a federal court as the Dept. of Energy’s documents are clear a rate payer must opt in, and not have the smart meter forced upon us for my melanoma check up. I will always have to go for 6 month checkups.

I am sorry I didn’t get this to you sooner. My adult daughter is disabled and I am her caregiver. We travel frequently to see her many doctors. Sorry this took so long.

Oshana – Santa Fe, New Mexico

I became quite ill the beginning of April, 2017. The symptoms appeared to be that of a flu, and I expected it to be over within a week to ten days. I had not had a cold or a flu in many years, but a month later still exhibiting the same symptoms that one associates with a flu, I decided I must have some wicked allergies as a flu would not be so persistent. Some allergy medicines did seem to reduce the level of head ache, head and throat congestion, drippy nose and constant mucous discharge. Sore joints persisted. My hair turned grey and fell out. My brain was continually foggy and disoriented with profound memory loss, and nothing seemed to help that to dissipate. I became very lethargic and spent more time in front of the computer unable to move, eventually not caring much about anything as I thoroughly expected death to arrive soon.

By mid August I was alerted online to Arthur Firstenberg’s book signing on “The History of Electricity”. During the presentation I came to realize that I was exhibiting all the symptoms of electrical poisoning. I was astounded as I couldn’t understand why as I lived away from the city, had only a wired computer set up and rarely ever used a cell phone. As I was getting my book signed a friend was talking to me and I explained my circumstance. He suggested that he check my computer set up as I finally recalled that yes, my modem had been replaced in 2016. Later checking the date it was December 3, 2016, precisely four months before the onset of the illness. A few days later he discovered that WiFi had been activated during the new modem set up. Two days after he deactivated the WiFi I started feeling a noticeable improvement.

Many days now I can be fairly well altho not fully recovered; however, anytime I am in a situation where WiFi is around I backslide and wake up congested and coughing the next morning feeling depressed and unwell. I use a gauss meter to test my home environment. I stay as far as I can from electrical burners while cooking food, away from the running refrigerator, away from people using cell phones, away from some automobiles. I know where the hot spots exist in places that I need to go and of course avoid those as much as possible. Very recently I bought some clothes to protect me from EMF as i am hoping to fly across country to see my about to be born first grandchild. I am trying to buy everything I need before 5G is implemented on every block in my nearby town as I will no longer be able to go there with impunity. I hear some grocery stores will be doing home delivery. I consider quitting my well loved job as by being there I am often exposed to WiFi and suffer. With 5G coming I may not be able to withstand the exposure; I am sure my life span has been shortened due to EMF. The aging process accelerated during exposure.

I realize many people must be suffering not knowing why. I am lucky that I found what the problem was. I am very grateful to those who helped with the discovery and alleviation. I have heard the US is to be blanketed with 5G resorting to satellites to do so, if necessary. I can assure you that many people will die from this. Hopefully people will understand this is a valid health issue and will do their best to avert danger to themselves, their families and neighbors. Please do not be fooled by the rhetoric of those hoping to make money and reduce population in the process. The beauty of the human spirit will persist. We as a nation will make the right choice to promote the health and welfare of those we love!

Oshana XXXXXX Santa Fe, New Mexico

Barbara – Michigan

March 6, 2018

Dear Senator:

I strongly oppose SB 637. I am inclined to believe that our Representatives and Senators who are supposed to protect us are not doing their job. If you were you would be reading independent research concerning all this radiation being poured upon us and how it is negatively affecting our bodies? You could start with the Navy’s research in the 1970’s. You would be listening very attentively to all the peoples’ complaints testifying in the committees, and voicing it on your phones and in your e-mails, who have been injured by smart meters, etc. You should support the health of the people instead of letting us be used as guinea pigs. I grew up on a farm and used an outside toilet for about 10 years before we got a chemical toilet followed by today’s innovation. I remember as a little girl going to the outside toilet at night in boots too big for me and losing one of them in the snow and ending up with a very cold foot. (I probably made sure my boots were the right size and zipped up thereafter). Therefore, to me the economy is only important in as far as it doesn’t destroy our health and happiness, because I would rather have cold feet once in a while instead of what I have to endure today being a victim of microwave sickness. In other words, the decision should involve the risk/reward ratio, and the reward should be directed toward the people rather than the corporations.

I’m not only a prisoner in my own house because of smart meters (my neighbors) and other wireless devices but I can’t even use my family room where my comfortable chairs are. I have an RF meter and the radio radiation is continuous in there from my neighbor’s smart meter and I am allergic to it. I developed a pancreatic duct tumor from sitting in there and in order to live with no pain, I have to stay out of there. Consumers Energy and the MPSC have known of this problem I have with smart meters for over a year and have not been willing to work with me, in spite of all my correspondence with them.

Many people are being affected by this wireless technology which is beginning to be known as the 21st century disease, which involves certain symptoms. They are not immediately sensitive to it like I am so they are not aware it is doing them harm.

This is what the Bioinitiative Working Group reported: In 2007, the Bioinitiative Working Group, an international collaboration of prestigious scientists and public health policy experts from the United States, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and China, released a 650-page report citing more than 2,000 studies (many very recent) that detail the toxic effects of EMFs from all sources. Chronic exposure to even low-level radiation (like that from cell phones), the scientists concluded, can cause a variety of cancers, impair immunity, and contribute to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, heart disease, and many other ailments. “We now have a critical mass of evidence, and it gets stronger every day,” says David Carpenter, MD, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany and coauthor of the public-health chapters of the Bioinitiative report. (They also have a 2012 Bioinitiaitive Report)

Therefore, I urge the committee not to fast track this legislation and wait for new studies coming out that show direct links between 5G technology and serious health effects. Why would this bill make accommodation for historical districts and not address accommodations for public safety? Please do your just duty by being informed by independent researchers before allowing 5G. And as an afterthought, is anyone concerned with our food supply if our honey bees will be extinguished?


Krista – Idaho

I am Krista XXXXXXXX a 39-year-old single mother of three children, ages 15, 13, and 10.

Wireless Health Effects:
In February of 2014 I moved to this house in Oldtown, Idaho. To report our energy usage we wrote-in the meter reading on the form the power company sent us, and the next month we were billed for it. In early June of 2015 Inland Power put on the new electric meter, I had tried several times to dissuade them from putting it on. I asked the technician who put it on “is this a smart meter?” He said, “no.” Because Inland Power is a cooperative, I thought the information I had previously presented them on the negative effects from “smart meters” in regards to higher prices, loss of privacy and effects on health from increased EMF exposure had had some effect. I later learned this was completely false. Since I now had this Itron Meter, which I thought was like my old meter, I just forgot about it and went along as usual. About 3 weeks later I began to wonder why my children who usually had such a healthy appearance, now had grayish, ashen complexions. A short time later I started wondering why my stomach was cramping up and hurting, when nothing was different about any of my habits. I mentioned my newfound symptoms to a homeopathic friend of mine. She brought it to my attention that it might be EMF exposure. After this I tried experimenting a bit with how I felt when away from the house for a while versus in it. Sure enough all my symptoms, including pains in my abdomen and headaches went away after being out of the house for 15 or so minutes. I also started developing pressure in my ears when using a cell phone I had had for 7 years.

The power company offered an opt out of the Itron meter plan which cost and additional $25 a month, which I signed up for, but I found it was still too much EMF exposure for me to sleep in the house. I had to move out to a tent in my yard to get any sleep in late June of 2015. All this time my kids are also reporting headaches and random pains that were never there before. We couldn’t enjoy being in the house more than an hour or so. I had just earned my massage therapist certificate in Boise Idaho prior to moving here in February of 2014. The plan was to fix up this house and work out of it. Now that plan was off because I couldn’t stand to be in it to paint it. We cooked and spent basically all our waking hours in the yard. This lasted until mid-November when a large windstorm, (the biggest in 70 years) took out the power for 3-4 days. It was wonderful; I could sleep in the house again and not have to bundle up to stay warm in nights where temperatures were dipping to 10o at night! I told the power company that I was going on vacation and to put on the regular Itron meter, (so I wouldn’t keep being charged the $25 a month for a house that I could not enjoy being in) and disconnected the power. They put a plastic plug on the meter so no 2-way communication was possible. We have had no symptoms, at least not in our house, ever since.

Wireless technology has affected my life:
Going to town still results in foggy brain, abdomen pains and headaches for all, but at least we have a refuge. I was going to take Inland Power to court for discriminating against people who have disabilities, but they were going to make it look like I was just making up my symptoms to avoid what I thought was a privacy invasion from the 2-way communications meter. I decided to let someone more educated than me (who they will believe more so) take on the battle, and just live off the grid lifestyle. It costs at least $6500 to do so. I’m still able to avoid having to worry about working for the time being, and I homeschool so my children don’t have to take on the school system so they can attend comfortably.

Concerns for 5G:
Our trips to town always result in the same symptoms if we’re there over 2 hours especially now with 5G looming on the horizon I don’t think there would be any basic social life for me or my children. Possibly way out in the woods there would be some refuge, but not with those satellites that I heard may also be launched into the atmosphere to give us yet more internet access. Killing and damaging healthy cells just isn’t the price to pay for getting more information. There is a better way, wired Internet access and books.

Oldtown, ID

Marty – Colorado

My name is Marty XXXXXXX, age 63, and I am a self-employed handyman in Boulder, Colorado.

Wireless Health Effects:
I first started having a unique set of physical and emotional symptoms in 2008 and have spent the time since then attempting to learn what triggers them and how to avoid or recover from them. Through processes of elimination, research, and learning from experiences of other people, they are now unmistakably caused by degrees of exposure to various electrical frequencies, particularly radio frequency, also known as microwave or wireless frequencies.
When I am exposed to higher concentrations of radio frequency by being in proximity for any length of time to wireless routers, cellular network base stations (cell towers), cell phones directly against my head, “smart” electrical meters, wireless internet transmission, or any wireless device, my set of symptoms start with shooting sensations in my head, settling into a constant dull ache; sensations of heat in my brain cavity; burning eyes; extreme dehydration, focused directly in my mouth; inflammation in the prostate, followed by difficulty with urination; difficulty going into and sustaining deep restful sleep; occasional racing heart; emotional feelings of ill-ease and dread, not seemingly related to anything tangible in my immediate experience or environment; and, in the extreme, repetitively violent dreams that are unnatural in their flavor, as if not originating from my own subconscious.

Wireless technology has affected my life:
My biggest trouble is in having consistently undisturbed and restorative sleep and my last nine years have been focused mainly on a nightly quest for a safe, electronically quiet environment for sleeping. That has resulted in a lot of residence moves and desperate experimentation, with periods of sleeping in automobiles. For the last nine months I have slept every night in a relatively ideal rural location in my truck. I otherwise try to keep a conventional life by renting as a roommate in a household situation and renting an office space for my business, but I cannot get a healthy night of sleep in a building.

I am extremely concerned about the sustainability of my own personal well-being and what I will need to do to try to stay healthy and far from unhealthy electrical frequencies. This is increasingly challenging as the technology for wireless communication expands exponentially to saturation levels. It’s disturbing to think of myself as a casualty of and refugee from our modern electronic world, but more disturbing to think of all the people worldwide who will have no choice but to suffer needless ill-health and possibly premature, preventable death from the explosion of chronic, germless diseases, the “diseases of civilization”, that are caused, in part, by over-exposure to dangerous levels of higher frequencies, like radio frequency.

Wireless technology and general electronic overuse and misuse will go the way of asbestos, lead in paint, and tobacco. Hopefully, we can wake up to the biological dangers of electromagnetic fields and respond humanely to reverse the current public health crisis in much quicker fashion than was the historical path for these other substances. We look to you for your help.

All truth passes through three phases. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer

Maggi – California

“I live within 1 mile of 10 cell towers over 50 ft. in height, the closest is .51 miles, and multiple antennas closer than 1/2 mile.

In 2009 I was Executive Director for a nonprofit in San Anselmo, California, when my use of cell phones and wireless routers at work and in my home brought on severe EMF radiation symptoms including: extreme eczema all over my body, separation of finger and toe nails from the skin, increased allergies, shortness of breath episodes (unrelated to physical exertion), extreme fatigue, diminished muscle strength, balance issues and dizziness, elevated blood sugar, unexplained weight gain (over 50 pounds), difficulty sleeping, headaches, difficulty concentrating, deterioration of small motor skills (typing and hand writing), eye and vision problems, and more.

Medical doctors either could find no cause for my symptoms, or mis-diagnosed the problem. For instance, they prescribed an inhaler meant for asthma sufferers when my shortness of breath episodes were caused by cell phone radiation (agglutination of red blood cells starving the body’s cells of needed oxygen). Shortness of breath as well as headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness, etc. did not occur when I used a wired telephone. For chronic eczema, Doctors prescribed cortisone creams and salves that had little or no effect. When I removed wireless devices from my home and work environments, my eczema cleared up in two weeks.

The process of determining the cause of my health problems and correcting them did not occur overnight. It took several years researching established, peer reviewed studies about electricity, radio and microwaves, and their effects upon living cells. When I removed EMF sources in my office and home, my health improved.

Today, these symptoms are recurring due to the astronomical increase of radiation in my neighborhood. If my symptoms as stated above from 4G technology are recurring now, what will the planned deployment of 5G antennas saturating my urban environment cause? There will be total, inescapable radiation exposure for me, my pets, garden plants and local wildlife.

All the money in the world is not worth the grim scenario 5G represents.”

Thanks for the work you are doing!


Sara – Albany, California

The Nature of My Disability under ADA – Sickness from Wireless:
I have become sick from exposure to wireless technology radiation – to radio and microwave frequency radiation used for wireless technology. The condition I suffer from is termed Electromagnetic Sensitivity (ES), or Microwave Sickness – the original and more accurate name. I was not told this radiation can cause harm, and I was misled by the US government, the FCC, and the wireless industry who state that it is safe.

The Symptoms Which I Experience When Exposed to Wireless:
When I am exposed to radiation from wireless sources such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, cell towers, Wireless smart meters, and other wireless devices, I experience adverse health effects including: Head pain, diminished thinking ability. And with ongoing exposure that I can’t get away from, I lose balance and ability to walk without holding onto things. Sometimes vertigo too.

The Effects on My Life from Developing Wireless Radiation Sickness and How My Rights Have Been Violated:
Most cafes are out of bounds for me due to the number of wifi users. Public transit is a challenge since I’m surrounded by people using cell phones for conversation or internet. Attending city council meetings has become impossible due to all the antennas on the buildings and citizens with phones and other devices.
Sitting at my desk 3′ away from the 4 smart meters for my duplex has made me ill–so I am forced to “opt out,” paying for my own opt out and my neighbor’s (who was kind enough to put in the request)–when it shouldn’t cost me anything. Having to pay is a violation of the ADA. Having smart meters forced on me to begin with is a violation of the ADA, and a violation of privacy but that’s another topic.

Moreover, PG&E says they can’t change the meters to true analog meters due to something about the old wiring in the house, which makes no sense at all. In 1950 most houses had old wiring and analog meters. So given that I still feel woosey at times sitting at my desk, I’m not 100% sure the “smart” has been eliminated, yet I still am billed for such. How much extra have I had to pay over the years due to Radio Frequency sensitivity? Alot!

When being in many public places becomes a health hazard, my rights are violated. When I can’t attend city council meetings, my rights are being violated. And that is already true. If 5G goes through and antennas are everywhere, I truly have no idea what I will do or where I will be able to live safely.