Citizens Across The Nation Outraged By The Blatant Violation of
Their Most Basic Rights as Property Owners
with 5G Transmitters in Front of Their Homes

Hillsborough, California Residents Outraged by Proposed 5G Installations:
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Long Island, New York Residents Outraged by Installation of 5G Transmitters:
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Montgomery County, MD Residents Outraged by Proposed 5G Transmitter Installation:
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Montgomery County Residents Testify Against 5G transmitters:
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Firefighters Exempted from Cell Towers

Firefighters Argue To Keep Cell Towers Off of Their Stations for
Health Reasons and Are Granted an Exemption

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The Nation Magazine:

How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe:
A Special Investigation

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Democracy Now Interviews Author of Nation Article:
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South Africa News Report: Microwave Sickness

It’s a little known medical condition but Microwave Sickness/Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity/Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome is a growing health concern worldwide.  With increased exposure to WiFi, Smart Meters and Cell towers, patients report diverse symptoms of illness with the entire body being impacted, which only seem to dissipate when they are far away from electromagnetic field or radiation transmitters. Carte Blanche explores this medical phenomenon.
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Martin Blank PhD, Columbia University-Wireless Health Effects

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